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renting an apartment in Cairo

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Cairo the great city
Things to check before renting an apartment in Cairo

First Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world especially during the modern era, a charming city that does not sleep with a multiple life, a combination of modernity and ancient past. People love the nostalgic mood formed by great architecture, old buildings, old streets and enjoy the latest fashion and the most luxurious hotels at the same time.

But if you are not a native Cairo, you have to know that Cairo is a very big city, It is not a mixture of old and modern as we mentioned earlier, but also mixing people. In Cairo, all people live with all their beliefs, so choosing the area where you live in Cairo is important. If you have already chosen where to stay, you should now start looking for the right apartment to rent.

Get ready and be patient, and then start your own strategy of living in Cairo:


Allow yourself a good two weeks to find an apartment. Find yourself an inexpensive hotel for a few weeks and relax to become familiar with the city and start making a few Egyptian friends.


Go to the neighborhood where you want to live and start putting up shop owners for the best apartments to check it out, besides there are a bowab and his family who lives in a small room usually in the lobby of each apartment building, they act as a security person, you can literally go to the bowab and find out if there were no apartments available, if there was nothing available in their building, they might know one nearby.
The safest way to find an apartment quickly is to use the Simsar services (apartment agent or finder). The offices of Simsar are everywhere, and the best way to find one is to ask a local shopkeeper where the nearest Simsar office is located. Once you find the Simsar, tell them what type of apartment you need, the area you want to live in, your budget range, and as many details as possible. The Simsar will usually be a list of apartments that you can see right away. The commissioner receives a commission from the landlord, and you do not have to pay them unless they find a suitable apartment. There is also no problem in using several simsars services.


The apartment you will be seeing is almost always furnished, there is no point in describing the types or styles of Egyptian furnishings, they are very diverse.
But what you really want to pay close attention to is the following: (water heater, telephone, electrical plugs, stove, fridge and the most important thing is bathrooms).
If everything is okay and you are now up to make the arrangements to move on the new apartment then look to the next step carefully.


It is useful to ask for a rental contract with the landlord with the owner, most of the time, the landlord will have a ready contract, basically, the contract is just like any standard lease, listing the names of the persons involved, the price of the apartment, and possibly the main contents of the apartment such as a refrigerator, stove, etc.
In many cases, no contracts are provided; it is just an verbal agreement on the amount, and this is often known when renting apartments near pyramids or when renting from individuals. If you expect to stay in Egypt for a short period (a few months), the verbal agreement is fine.


Like the other differences that you will find in Egypt in general and in Cairo in particular, the rental rates may vary from one apartment to another in the same building, do not expect to find prices in the same neighborhood is close, usually the rent is determined by two important points (The quality of the apartment compared to the average price of the area, the floor where the apartment is compared to the presence of an electric elevator in the building or not

So;Rental rates start from 500 Egyptian pounds to 6000 dollars depending on the neighborhood and the condition of the apartment itself, whether close to transportation and public services or not.

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